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    Went to machine something this afternoon, uncovered my Bridgeport and turned the power on and got this. It's 3 phase. Have a clue what's going on? Is it a capacitor problem? I'm not electrical savvy. Any threads on how to replace them IF that's the problem?


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    What supplies it?

    Actual 3 phase? An RPC? A VFD?

    It sounds as if you have a phase out, or wire disconnected somewhere. Also known as being "single phased".

    Contactor problem, loose wire problem, VFD problem if applicable, RPC problem if applicable..... Wire or circuit breaker problem is "real " 3 phase. Switch problem....... lots of possibles.

    Go to the last place you can get at all 3 wires easily, and check for voltage from phase to phase for all 3 wires (don't worry about ground). If you have one out, the problem is before that point. If you have all 3, the problem is "after" that point.
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      Sounds like you lost a phase. Check to see if your starter is good on all 3 legs. If it is, you probably have a bad motor if all the connections in the motor j box are OK. Check the motor for continuity. You will need to have it on all 3 legs if the motor is good. If you are not good at any of this, a friend that is, or an electrician or motor shop can do it. Good luck let us know what you find.


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        Actual 3 phase.


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          Actual 3 phase? Check the phases as noted above. Hmmmmm, does the motor spin freely by hand? Or, is there a mechanical lockup?



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            Well..... That's what mine does when I leave the spindle lock on!
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              ... good news on my end. I checked the three fuses for continuity and they checked out fine. Then I was getting nervous. I took the plug apart and one of the wires had come loose. As chip's said I lost a phase. Thanks a lot, glad it wasn't something expensive. <g>