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  • OT: 1600 Whats?

    I am sure that a few of you subscribe to his YouTube channel and occasionally he promotes his videos here, nevertheless, if you haven’t seen it yet this one is worth watching even though there aren’t any machining bits to it.

    The man’s name is Tony, This Old Tony:

    Full disclosure; it’s the middle of the night here in Thailand and I have consumed numerous containers of 330 millilitre bliss, my sense of humour could well be pegged at 11 at this point.

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    Tony's narrative skills and even voice are second to none, he's also very intelligent, I could possibly see him catching a little flack on this vid cuz of the potential danger involved to his kid but he was right there and im sure went over a good many precautions, still I bet if someone forgot and looked into the dish at just the wrong angle sunglasses or not it would be instant eye fry...

    that is one heck of allot of power - I have a 1 meter dish im trying to figure out what I could do with and using it in this kind of way was a possibility - would be cool to power a little sterling engine with it but don't think you would get a whole lot out of it to make it useful for anything but to play with.