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Jacobs chuck removal

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  • Jacobs chuck removal

    The spindle on our Milwaukee Hole Hawg is bent. The poop sheet says the chuck is screwed on with 90 ftlbs of torque. I can make a spanner to grip the chuck but I need ideas as to how to hold the spindle. An impact driver might get it but I wonder if that will mess up the gear train? All ideas will be appreciated.

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    Impacts work fine for this if you can’t get the chuck off manually, just use a light touch. I haven't broken anything using this technique, but I have seen someone else break a shaft. I use a big allen head socket on the impact.

    Take a look here:
    Location: North Central Texas


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      Thanks Joel!
      I should keep up on 3rd hand. I'll give it a try tomorrow.


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        Check this thread on the other board...
        Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)


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          No luck so far. Tried the half inch allen in chuck and striking with a hammer. Milled three flats on a half inch bolt, chucked it up and used an impact driver. Impact loosened the chuck almost immediatly so that didn't fly either. Am building a socket spanner with three pins to drive the chuck thru key holes using an impact driver. Will post results.


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            The socket spanner worked.
            Took the spindle out and set it up between centers. Indicated it on each segment and found at most .0005" runout.
            At the start of this adventure the whole chuck and anything chucked wobbled to where it was unusable.
            Not sure what to "fix" now.
            Any ideas are welcome.


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              Your bearings may be bad, or the chuck may not be centering properly.

              I've had that problem with chucks before. The thread on the jaws had been damaged, allowing that jaw to jump a few threads in the split nut.

              I've also had ball bearings lose the ball retainer, allowing the balls to bunch up and run eccentric. They didn't fall out because it was a shielded bearing. But it sure made alot of noise