This is what happened to me. I have had a Grizzly g0602 for a while hadn't used it much lately so I decide to wipe it down oil it up and lube the stupid ball boilers and run it a a minute just to lube it up good. Well then the stupid ball oiler over the spindle bearing collapsed. I then ran a screw down in the oiler and pryed it out, but the damn ball stayed in and I can't retrieve it. I tried magnets, shop vac, even dab of glue on a welding rod.

My attempts have failed. Not sure if the ball could cause problems with the bearing if left or if it can get past the race. I have not ran it since this happened. I haver turned it by hand and looking down the hole to see if the ball moves or anything. The passage still flows oil. Should I disassemble the spindle and see what I can do or leave it? Not sure how hard it is to tear down. What would you guys do?