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OT Kinda, Can you love a machine & if so which one? Pics if possible please!

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    My favorite machines are my 1950 Doall Bandsaw and the 80's Varnamo Mill. The Doall is very well named and allows me to cut various things with ease. The Stone Age power feed works very well and was complete, minus the workjaw which I made myself. The Varnamo was a challenge for me when refurbishing it, but I am very pleased with its capabilities with its size and power. During the refurbish there was a spacer in the power feed gear box that was missing, I was pulling my hair out until that was discovered. I had numerous words for it and the word Love was never mentioned, but now I usually have a grin every time I use it!
    Flylo I tried sending you a pm but had no success


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      Absolutely you can love a machine! If your heart is big enough.
      12" x 35" Logan 2557V lathe
      Index "Super 55" mill
      18" Vectrax vertical bandsaw
      7" x 10" Vectrax mitering bandsaw
      24" State disc sander


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        Originally posted by A.K. Boomer View Post
        I love my bike - I was actually given an ultimatum by a gurl I loved too at the time - "what's it going to be, me or your bike?"

        answer; "Don't make me choose", she moved out shortly after - so yeah - I love my bike and no regrets
        You never really loved her. If you had there could only be one outcome...
        Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...


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          I have fond memories of a lot of motorcycles, but the first one that comes to mind is always my early 1970s 750 CC Triumph Bonneville. It had the most elegant lines I'd even seen, and the paint job was the best I'd ever known. It had quirks that made it seem almost alive.

          I rode that bike every day for many years, most of the time commuting 25 miles along the cost to Monterey. Since I was dirt poor, it represented the one bit of class in my life.

          Love? I don't know. I have much better memories of the bike than I do of my ex wife of the same time frame.

          At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

          Location: SF East Bay.


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            When we were married I traded a tractor for a '69 Bonneville & we rode it all over. It hadn't been started for 10+ years but put in fresh gas, primed the plugs & rode her home. Sold it & bought a 750 Honda Sport I hated. Last year found a 1983 T150 Trident with 180 since total & I'm mean every replaceable part $5000+ in parts it didn't need as all were standard, the rings, bearings, etc but I can't ride it so it's going. I bought a Husky 250 from a guy just like rebuilt like this guy, no interest in using it but had his joy in rebuilding to new. The Triumph 850 looks just like the Bonny as you can't see the center cylinder except at one angle & the center pipe splits right away into to 2 outside ones. It was the last year of the upright engine & first year of the 5 speed gearbox.


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              Love or heavy duty like, close enough but one things for sure is everyone here even those that have or have had trouble, bad luck or what ever. WE ALL have something to be Thankful for! So HAPPY THANKSGIVING to Everyone on the forum. Have Very Happy Holiday, be Safe & have A Great time. As when it's all done & said Time is all we have & what we do with it is what matters.


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                Originally posted by LKeithR View Post
                You never really loved her. If you had there could only be one outcome...

                To each their own - but yes i did love her - just not enough to allow her to turn me into a marshmallow...


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                  Originally posted by Mcgyver View Post
                  it is a friggin weird thing and friggin weird thread - flylo, how'd get all that grease on your lips?
                  Yeah im with you... its weird.

                  Maybe we need a "Is this thread weird" poll LOL