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  • Scientific American CDROM + Astro

    Some time ago I picked up the Scientific American CDROM real cheap from a surplus shop. I was searching for some optical stuff this morning and noticed all of the telescope and astronomy articles.

    Evan and many others are into this and I thought I'd mention it for those who have not heard of it before.

    The CDROM covers 1928 to 1999 and is an incredibly under-marketed product. It has a built in search funtion which is pretty good. Projects are all listed with an indicator of their hazard level from benign up to deadly (where's Thrud, he'd enjoy that level).

    A quick search turned it up on Scientifics (used to be Edmund) site for $21.60 but out of stock at the moment.

    If you enjoyed articles from the past such as building your own HeNe gas laser from SCRATCH, this disk is loaded with that stuff. It's also a piece of Americana IMHO.


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    I recently purchased a copy of this CD from this site:
    Use their search engine to locate the "Amateur scientist"

    The CD is really loaded, including some articles that they wished they had never published, such as a high power pulsed laser that can be scaled way up in power.
    The articles were published before the lawyers and lawsuit mentality took over our country.


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      Just ordered the CD. Sounds like my kind of stuff.


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        Look for the Amateur Scientist article on making your very own linear accelerator. He he he, can you spell sterility?

        BTW, the word amature no longer has the exact meaning it used to. Try a google search on "amature"

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        Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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          There's also one on genetically altering E-coli or some form of coli.

          Don't do this in the kitchen before lunch though


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            Also great to check out the SAS ( in can pick up the Amateur Scientist CD right on their site as well as explore other citizen based science projects. There's a Vegas convention in '05 too.


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              For what it's worth, Amazon carries this as well. $24.95 or so and free shipping if your total order exceeds $25.