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can anyone help with a name for this guillotine.?

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  • can anyone help with a name for this guillotine.?

    OK I have a hand operated cropper guillotine for metal work It is built into it's own stand. Now here is the part no one can help me with.
    The top portion slides back and forward on two metal guides one is the groove above the head above and one below tight fit.
    The top has four metal wheels and so does the bottom . I E Two wheel in front of the head and two behind, these fit into the two slots one above and one below the head. just like a radial arm saw . Thus allowing it to slide backwards and forwards to trim/cut longer pieces of sheet perhaps? Alistair anyone recognizing this please telephone his lordship Johan Sebastian Stevenson, for top cash prizes ,inc various engineering antiques . EEEE's a luverly lad and doesn't really think I am tight a$$ed at all . alistair
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    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Can you post photos?
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        Alistair maybe you should cut back on the morphine!!!!! Have you tried cannabis for your tremors? I know someone that uses it and it helps wonders.
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          A name ?

          Metal Guillotine ??

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            How about Ralph?
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              Ralph is too sophisticated especially when you consider me being from a well known family of lobby dossers. *Lobby sleepers in the olden days poor old drunk's and bums used to sleep in lobby ways of common group of flats or as you guys call them apartments) where it helped then survive the winter sometimes lobby Dossers used to put a rubber hose over the gas lamp's on each floor and when the milk got delivered they would sit it in the milk cans before drinking it to get high. sad and funny LOL , and neer dae well's, Translated as never do well. Sorry pal I just couldn't.

              Yes John they make a lot of guillotines to cut paper which is what I discovered to my horror when I looked at google etc myself.

              Black Forest your spot on Brother but seriously the new Scottish government are going for it .It will have to be medically altered to get around the laws. A lot of people currently taking this and other cheaper drugs are doing so to self medicate.As you know my son is a doctor consultant psychiatrist as is his wife and he said that it has really a lot of wonderful benefits which could aid a lot of poor souls suffering at the moment. It would also bring down the price, or under the national health be distributed free on prescription Surely this would cut out the gangsters currently involved with drug selling . To tell the truth I have tried it once or twice first time I couldn't stop laughing But I am too scared to have anything to do with the criminal nasty dealers
              Also Alistair my oldest boy is here so I will get him to reset my photo box is that what it is called it has been a while. actually lots of stuff to show you guys Alistair LOL Alistair
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              Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                A good name for a guillotine is "Madame Defarge"



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                  Originally posted by Dan_the_Chemist View Post
                  A good name for a guillotine is "Madame Defarge"