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OT; a fast trip to Regina

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  • OT; a fast trip to Regina

    Leaving today on the bus. Will be back friday with a U-haul truck loaded with my sons belongings.

    It's going to be great to have my grandsons close at hand.
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    Have a safe trip.

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      Well, the twin 11 year old grandsons left today to go back home. They have been here for a month and I have loved every minute. We went out and refurbished the tree house yesterday, made a rope ladder to climb up to it beside the wood ladder. The lightning strike hasn't killed the trees. The best thing is that they will be back in 19 days and we are going to Mt. Kobau for the annual star party. They like my French Toast recipe.

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        Will the last person leaving Saskatchawan please turn out the lights?


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          quasi, that will be me...
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            George,U-Hual?You don't need luck,you need prayer!
            I just need one more tool,just one!