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MSC free shipping and Ebay gloat

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  • MSC free shipping and Ebay gloat

    Yesterday, I needed an insert screw for a 3/8 diameter Circle boring bar. MSC had it, QC21. the 4-40 screw with T9 socket was $2.72, shipped was about $13,75. Later that day I checked my email and found this:
    MSC free shipping, no minimum, no exclusions, offer good 12-7 to 12-9, code ENFREE
    So I also ordered a gal of Vactra 2 and a chinese drop indicator. Got the lube for $13.50 and the indicator for $9.99. Even got a discount on the screws. Enco prices after I logged in. First time I used msc after they dumped Enco.
    There was nowhere on the shopping cart to put in the code but after checkout shipping showed 0.00.

    And the Ebay gloat, I got 15 Simonds 12' x 1" x 6tpi raker high speed steel band saw blades for my Pehaka horizontal. $39.99 + $38.41 shipping thats $5.23 each.

    The boring bar I got on Ebay some time ago. Came with some Hardinge second op tooling. Insert is a Circle TPCB221

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    With luck like that, a lottery ticket purchase must be next!

    Being ROAD KILL on the Information Super Highway and Electronically Challenged really SUCKS!!

    Every problem can be solved through the proper application of explosives, duct tape, teflon, WD-40, or any combo of the aforementioned items.