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  • Johnson Model J Bandsaw

    As I am working through this restoration/rebuild I am getting things checked off:
    New acme screw and nit for the vise in progress, micro-hone tube and chrome shaft on order for the feed cylinder, and new guide holder sketched up, and ready to build. I need to make new blade wipers - anybody have information on simple effective cutoff saw blade wipers?


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    I use factory brushes in the factory holder. (Have pix, don't seem to be allowed to post them.)

    They work OK, but don't get every chip. They're really just two pieces of a file card/wire brush, held by a sheetmetal holder fastened to the stock side of the blade guide casting just after the cut and contacting both sides of the blade, but not the teeth. Methinks something could be fabbed up at home, too. The factory parts were outrageously expensive, as I recall.