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Millrite MVN quill feed slop z axis

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    Ahhh.. that is your site! Very nicely done.. I have had it bookmarked for a while and have been referring to it quite a bit the last week. Appreciated. Tip of the hat at doing a rebuild and documenting it on a site. For those who don't know:

    Aside from the quill, the head on mine is very different than yours.. much more going on.


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      Here is the lathes UK link
      Mine is exactly like the picture with accompanying text:
      The Millrite could be fitted with attachments giving variable-speed power feed to the quill, the longitudinal travel of the table and the vertical movement of the knee; it was possible to include all three units on one machine.
      Shown above is the head with a power down-feed quill where a motor, attached to the back of the ram, provided an infinitely-variable speed from 0.5" to 2" per minute. The power could be knocked off manually at any point, or an automatic trip, positioned on the front of the head, used instead.


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        Wow .. Those are awesome. I have been to that site lots .. and honestly think I have never scrolled down
        past the first pic.

        I don't do a lot of boring .. but .. admit its gruesome doing it manually.

        And I wonder how that power knee is connected in the knee. Its not where I thought one would be located.
        John Titor, when are you.


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          Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
          The old "backlash debate" !!!

          One half say "it's no problem, man up and get used to it".

          The other half say "it's a nuisance and can be confusing, I want to fix it"

          The third half says "check for loose things, no sense putting up with more than you have to."

          I kinda like what that third half says.......
          I'm in the school that says install a DRO and "forget about it"
          That's what I am doing with my Chineese mill.
          I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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            Well, you still can't quite forget about it.

            It is still there, and just because the DRO says you are at the dimension does NOT mean you can cut.... you STILL have to take up backlash the correct direction to hold against the cut.

            How about the 5th half of folks: "Install ballscrews and a DRO and forget about it" ?
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            Keep eye on ball.
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