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Not seeing images - using IE 11

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  • Not seeing images - using IE 11

    I am not seeing all images attached to messages. For example when I open:

    I do not see the image in the first post. I opened the same on my Windows phone and I am able to see the image. I do see **some** images on some posts - for example I can see the oil can in post #6 of this link: I just viewed pgs 265 to 272 of the Homemade tools thread and I see many references to images but rarely saw more than an image per page (numerous pages w/o any images).

    I am using Win7, IE 11 (this is my work computer and I would like to continue to view this forum during my lunch hour). Any ideas as to settings that I should look at?

    Metro Detroit

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    I have several PC's and IE doesn't work anymore with some of them. Had to install Firefox to get everything on the screen.

    Many webpages are designed nowadays for Google and Windows 10 and not IE.


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      huh? IE11 works fine, as does Chrome, Edge and Safari (that's all I have to test with from home). Look further. 'Web pages" are designed to work with as many browsers as possible, not a subset.
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        aribert, I have IE 7 and windows Vista and just now tried the link

        I could see the image in the first post. There have been the very odd times when images won't load for me when I am using FF but will when I try at a different time so perhaps it's not on your end?
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          Some images may be blocked, perhaps because the hosting site is in a list of blocked domains.

          At some point higher versions of Internet Exploder required Win 8.1 or Win 10, so IE11 may not play nice with Win7. I have switched to Firefox.

          Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
          USA Maryland 21030


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            Where did you get that from? IE11 works just fine with Win7... Always has done. Still a current download from Microsoft with vast inroads into Corp USA Win7 base. No IE version "requires" Win 8 or above. There are some OS specific features that won't work but they aren't coded into the websites.

            Edge of course requires Win10.
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              I'm running Win 8.0 on my laptop, and when I got a message that my IE browser was obsolete I tried to upgrade, and it said I needed to update to Win 8.1. I assumed that also applied to lower versions like Win 7. Maybe not. And it might have been IE 12.
              Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
              USA Maryland 21030


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                Also using Win 7, IE11; those images show up for me. What doesn't show up for me is embedded videos
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                  I was hoping someone might have setting suggestions. I have already poked around the Tools tab with no improvement. I know my employer blocks firearms content - I get a pop up that the website (forum web page) is blocked - for the missing images I get nothing other than a black line and its not like someone broke the link to the image where (depending on the image hosting software) I get a small rectangle or similar telling me the image is not available. This seems to be a fairly new phenomena, where I am reading about other's viewing of images so I know I am not seeing what others are.

                  BTW ulav8r, I'm not seeing embedded videos either.
                  Metro Detroit


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                    You might want to talk to your Corp IT dept. They will know what they modified as part of the security settings and whether you can change those.

                    Do you have true Admin rights to the PC?

                    You can try going to tools->internet options -> security. Explore that tab..