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Newbee ? -- split point

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  • Newbee ? -- split point

    Plz xplain split point. Is this just a notch in the middle of the web?

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    Pretty much. If you compare a split point with a regular drill, side by side...that's it. With the split point, the flat center that you have with a regular point is ground away by "splitting the point," so the drill cuts more easily and also tends to self-center better.
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      These split points give a cutting edge clear to the middle, eliminates the chisel point.

      Look a sharp one over closely, there are actually 4 cutting edges, 2 each side.


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        Split points are ground more like a center cutting endmill. If you look closely you will see both cutting edges are parallel and inline with each other. They actually bisect the point - hence the term "split point".

        There are other more complicated geometric forms for high performance drilling with carbide such as "S" points. For lowest cost drills are usually just a 4 facet cut - these are not split points and are common on very small drills.