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New guy dumb question full profile thread insert

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  • New guy dumb question full profile thread insert

    My internal thread tool takes Ag60 inserts. I would like to try a full profile insert for 1"x16-20tpi. Could someone recommend me an exact insert I cannot speak the language on figuring those buggers out. Thank you much for your time spent on a new guy

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    Not a dumb question at all, it does get confusing. This should help you out.....

    Not sure what the 1" is??? dia. of what you want to thread or the size of the tool holder???
    For internal threading your insert would be 3IR16 providing your tool holder takes a 3/8" insert RH.

    3 is the IC of the insert, IR is internal right hand and 16 is the thread pitch. Other letters / numbers can follow which designate stuff like grade or coating etc.

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      Thank you. Yes the 1" is the approximate thread diameter, not the tool