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    Some time back, I had posted about replacement tags and labels for machines (to replace damaged or illegible metal tags) and someone sent me a reply that he had them available in laminated form---I lost the contact info and am asking if anyone knows of someone who does this type of work or has a contact for someone who does this---I tried the search but got no results.

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    I'm not sure if you tried going to your individual profile and looking up old posts that you have posted, I'm assuming you started the post it should show up in the history of your posts. Also do you know the time frame IE. 1yr, 3yrs ago.
    this is one I think came from here that I've bookmarked hopefully it will help.

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      Laminated labels are not that difficult to make. Draw something up in a CAD or drawing program (Paint,, etc.) and print it to the proper scale. Then laminate it. Done.

      I recently made this laminated label for a drill stand:

      I did the drawing with my CAD program. Printed full size (1:1) on card stock.

      I laminated it front and back with a 3M adhesive laminating sheet. I did not use the non adhesive backing sheet as I planned to cut off the border and it would just fall off when I trimmed to the outline. One 4X5 size laminating sheet was cut in half to do the two sides of this label.

      Then I covered the back with the permanent type double sided Scotch tape, trimmed it to the edges, and pasted it on.

      The holes were cut when I drilled the block.

      This is the drill stand in use:

      Yes, there are magnets in the wood block. I love magnets.

      I would not recommend laminated labels for machines where they will be subject to oils and solvents. The "permanent" adhesive they use is not up to that. I have discovered that local sign shops can make aluminum signs in a variety of colors for a reasonable price. A sign that is about 1 foot square costs around $12 to $15. You send the art work to them and just pick up your "sign". If you layout out a number of labels on one "sign" the price per label is completely nominal. Just cut them apart. You can still laminate them, but I doubt that it will last on a machine. A spray coat of clear enamel may work better. Or two.
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        Thanks guys,
        for the info, I don't have any good labels/tags to print from, so that option is out--also searched the results on my profile, no joy there either.
        My idea on the laminated ones was to mount them on the wall within easy viewing distance, but, it never occured to me to make my own and have them laminated--so that likely is the way I will go if I'm unable to find the supplier that contacted me.