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Why no "For Sale Or Trade" forum on HSM?

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    I have always found it strange there is no 'for sale' section here. IMO it's all about creating a vibrant site with content.. this benefits advertisers. I go elsewhere (PM) to use classified sections and I'm sure others do too. It's not a binary deal that if there's no classified here, I will buy new from an advertiser or buy a classified ad.


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      George,IIRC,has in the past allowed some for sale type posts, if it was someone selling out due to death or illness
      Selling due to illness I understand Daren my old pal but selling out when your dead that is quite a skill. Why don't I try it when I die I will post a thread here and shake the beejeesus out of you all. So watch out for hardly used coffin. Kind of reminds me of the second hand wedding cake never used advertised a while back. LOL Keep well Darin Al. The world is full of problems
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        I follow the rules of each site that I visit. If there is no buy and sell section here, it's fine with me. I've bought and sold items on eBay and PM in the past. Those work out well for most things. There are other sites as well.

        How many sites does one need to get rid of items?