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    I am trying to find out some information on a Lathe that my sister has. She has a business that she is selling and the new owner has purchased an automated lathe to move forward with. She was going to sell it for scrap but it still works fine and really has a lot of character. I just do not know anything about it at all, so I am hoping for a little help. She was told by someone in the area that the lathe was used on a WWII sub. The plate on it reads SHELDON MACHINE CO INC CHICAGO ILLINOIS USA AUTOMATIC CROSS FEED EQUALS 933 TIMES LONGITUDINAL FEED. CATALOG NO ES-56-P SERIAL NO. ES-22787

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    The ES56P is an 11" swing lathe, pedestal mount. I would guess it to be early 60's vintage judging by its serial number. A photo would help, but it is doubtful it saw WWII or submarine service.
    Jim H.


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      I have pictures but unfortunately I do not have the ability to post them yet.


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        Here's how to post on photobucket
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          Do the following 1) post pictures on photobucket, the instructions are on a "sticky" or use tthe infomation from flylo. 2) put a location next to your join date.

          Some people really like the Sheldon lathes. Unless really trashed it is worth trying to sell.


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            Open and go to page 9.

            The right half of the page details the specs of the ES56B.