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elliot-burdette surface grinder info

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  • boslab
    I knew Elliot were snow, I used to operate a big old vertical spindle, it had inserts about 10x 5 held into the work head with bronze clamps, big old bugger, I was grinding 6' X 2' blocks

    Bit expensive but it shows they are about, I'll do some asking

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  • MrFluffy
    started a topic elliot-burdette surface grinder info

    elliot-burdette surface grinder info

    Hi, I asked before many moons ago about Burdett surface grinders and drew a blank, but I've since discovered Burdett were part of a group that went on to become Elliot machines later.
    I've looked at pictures of Elliot surface grinders, and eg on the 608 the physical appearance and control layout looks the same, so wondering if they just refined the original designa and polished it a bit and if anyone has any parts diagrams or similar info for the much newer Elliot range. I have to tackle a wheelhead rebuild and some research would seem to be prudent, plus I'd like to secure some more hub adapters as I only have the one on the machine itself, and hoping if I can search for a more common brand it might yield more results.

    Anyone any Elliot info?