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MSC 13X40 lathe made in Taiwan

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  • MSC 13X40 lathe made in Taiwan

    I am looking at this lathe on sale at MSC-$5495.00 Any one have any experience with it? How about a 13X40 Turn pro from Enco on sale $5295.00. They seem about the same and are both made in Taiwan.

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    Does anyone know the full story on MSC acquiring Enco? I have recently gotten things from Enco, that were labled MSC. These lathes could well be the same item, or built to differing price points. Mike


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      you are correct, MSC did purchase Enco and runs it as a separate division. Slowly the two are merging, with cross shipments and common warehouses. Enco prices are somewhat better, but most of the merchandise is the same now. I have received MSC labeled stuff from Enco, but NEVER Enco from MSC


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        When I was looking for a lathe I did a lot
        of research on the different lathes. The
        prince lathe from msc is made by a company
        called jesco ( in taiwan.Grizzly
        sells the same lathe in their Z-series product.Cincinnati also sells the same lathe called the cobra model but for a lot more money. There are probably others selling the same lathe that I am not aware of.Some of the options may be different from the different sellers but it looks like the same basic lathe.Check out the jesco web site then compare the lathes.I ended up buying a used sheldon lathe but I think the 14/40 Grizzly Z-series also a jesco lathe offers a lot of bang for the buck.


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          the site mentioned is

          to get the Taiwan Jesco