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    Does anyone know of a small diameter spin index that has a very low center height of around 1.5" or less.

    I'm even thinking of trying to use a pillow block bearing and custom making some sort of collet and index.

    Any help or comments greatly appreciated.

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    If you need just a few divisions have you considered 5C collet blocks?

    You can also get some divisions straight off of 4-jaw and 3-jaw lathe chucks.

    How many divisions are you needing?


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      Yes, I'm looking at adapting or using the 5C collet blocks now.

      I really do need to be able to accurately index (and repeat) every 15 degrees. More is better.

      I'd really like some sort of collet holder index. Can't find any mini index with 1.5" center height. I may have to make something.



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        Here are a couple of ideas, but be warned: When he describes one of these as being "affordable", what he means is "bring the *big* checkbook but you can leave your firstborn at home".

        The Maprox stuff is great, but its price reflects it. If you decide you are interested in their products, you can actually buy directly from Maprox these days. Their English speaking person comes in during the mornings to do email. There isn't any difference in pricing, though.



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          If you need a 1.5" center height then the use of 5c collets will practically require the use of plain sleeve journal bearings with the index holes in the shaft. I would not recomend the use of a pillow block bearing for something like this. They're fine for disc sanders and wood lathes but that's as far as i would try to go with them.
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