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    Are there any brands that people would recommend staying away from. I'll probably buy the next one I see for a reasonable price, unless I am warned.

    What is there to really check out on a mill other than the play in the screws and table?

    Are they that difficult to rebuild if necessary (the head).

    -Jacob Runyan

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    The best check is to try it out under power...backlash in screws and gib adjustments on the tables are relatively easy to tackle. But the fit between the head and the quill that houses the spindle is an extremely fine fitment that if damaged would be very hard to reproduce. So I would at least fully extend the quill then visually inspect for damage and manually inspect it for any play. I've never worked on a Bridgeport head, but I'm in the process of working on a Tree head, and it is certainly more complex than I thought with a multitude of small parts. Also, the non complex can be very frustrating such as problems with stuck fasteners and such that force you to search for specialty hardware that you just can't run down to Home Depot or ACE to pick up. Press fits that have no way to press out, bearing races with no provision for removal, small brass clutches that the OEM wants a couple hundred bucks for. No one except for an elite few with any experience rebuilding the particular machine you're working on. These sort of things can really prolong the project.