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Source for micro butane cartridges....

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    Originally posted by JRouche View Post
    Cool. Now lemme know when you find a source cause Im down to my last fuel pack I have some of these micronox bottles but forgot what they are, fuel or oxy.. JR
    Micronox is the oxygen, butane was the fuel for those two cylinder torch sets.


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      Originally posted by CCWKen View Post
      What a stark example of limited imagination. If I wanted it bad enough, I'd make my own refillable cartridge. Steal a fill valve out of an old lighter or pencil torch and adapt it. Come on man, this is a DIY forum. Certainly you can think of some use for all those tools you have.
      Do you do your own plastic surgery to cover the burn scars or do you get it down elsewhere. Serious question there, he will need to know if he try's it.
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        I had one of these torches sold under the ARCHER name from Radio Shack. Hands down the best micro-torch I ever had. I would love to get another one along with the fuel to run it.


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          I had the Radio Shack version in the 60s.
          Micronox = Nitrous Oxide, similar small cylinders still available, I think they are used in a kitchen gadget to whip cream.
          Also bought in large quantities by local idiots who stick the stuff up their noses.
          I have a kit for a small refillable butane tank, came with a castings set for a Flame Licker engine.
          It looks possible to buy some of what you need and to make the rest.
          This looks like an opportunity to make a working model OA outfit in miniature.
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