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My Sons new car making it dog friendly??

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    My Search and Rescue dog goes with me pretty much everywhere... He's a bit big for the seat so I decided to make something to make him more comfortable. It also protects the seats, but that is incidental on my 20 year old Jeep that I use for SAR.

    I made a platform for him to sit on, with a cushion in front to make the hard plastic dash a little more comfortable.

    The platform itself is a 3/4" sheet of plywood. It is pretty closely fit to the space so that there aren't gaps around the edge for the dog to catch a leg in. I measured the passenger space pretty carefully, made a cardboard template to check the fit, and then reduced the size by 1/4" all around to give space for the blanket to fold around it. The front of the board which hangs over the passenger foot well is held up by a milk crate that came from ... um ... never mind where it came from. There is a small hatch to allow me to use the crate for storage while the platform is in place.

    You can see the fit in this photograph. It was cut to size, and then sanded to a half round. I wrap the board in the thick blanket, tilt the front into place, lay it down on the seat, and then capture it by sliding the seat forward a couple of inches. It is really quite solid and well captured. When not in use I slide the seat back, lift the board up, fold up the blanket and put it in the crate, and put it all in the back. If I had it to do over I wouldn't make the hatch - more bother than it's worth.

    When I handle dogs that might try to cross over into the drivers side, I found that a child's gate fits nicely between the seats. I've used it that way when transporting puppies and friend's dogs.



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      Beat me to it Doozer. Either that or buy the dog a nice spacious Volvo estate car. The rear could be fitted out with soft furnishings and cushions.

      Regards Ian.
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        Drain a few pints of blood from the mutt before the journey and he will lay down on the floor just fine


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          Originally posted by Mcgyver View Post
          solution is to stick Dad with the dog.
          Just like the treadmill.


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            how hard is it to remove the seat? 4 bolts and it's out I suppose with maybe unclipping a sensor wire,

            I also only have a two seater and used to do just that for the longer trips...

            on the short ones one of my gurls got the floor and the other the seat,,,

            Maggie was half Staffordshire terrier and what a great friendly attitude - my other dog was a mutt and had to watch her closely around kids because she got poked in the eye by a kid with a stick through the chain link fence and was on the defense ever since and nipped at a couple,
            but Mag had the kids of the neighborhood knocking at my door asking if she could come out and play - I would just yell "Mag you got company" hold the door open and she would run out to greet them - about 8 hands all over her while she was busy licking faces, never had a care in the world about their safety - they could have tugged on her ears and she would have just kept being nice...

            thing about a pit is - is when they do go bad or have bad owners they make the news big time because they are so powerful and lethal...

            I like half breeds because pits are so muscle bound it's hard for them to do normal dog things like run for any distance at all and stuff.

            good luck with it Alistair I hope it all works out for your Boy and family, sounds like a good pooch...


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              Originally posted by John Stevenson View Post
              £140 quid for a Staffie ??????????????

              Bloody hell you can't give the damn thinks away round here. You get 7 with every postmans leg you buy...................
              What are we doing buying postmans's legs???


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                Yes John but the 140 pounds did include drugs vets time and checking up etc No he will not be removing the front seat, sorry LOL and also maybe getting Alistair drunk and letting the dog drive would work better ask someone smart. Where is my old pal Evan when you need complicated answers. ? Alistair
                Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                  Get a trailer if you don't want the dog in the seat.


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                    Maybe a "Wooftop carrier"? Seriously, perhaps a dog crate on the seat would be best, and it should protect the dog from the airbag in an accident.
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