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    What kind of fuel burn numbers at cruise do you predict with those PT-6's?

    What aspect ratio on the cat hulls did you use?


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      I didn't calculate the fuel burn but one of the reasons for using those engines is because if any sort of accidental damage should occur the fuel is essentially kerosene which will not cause significant environmental damage. That is super important around here now and would be a big plus for the design. As for the hull it could easily be fiberglass or it could be aluminum. Not steel, that would be too heavy. We have ship builders here capable of building it.

      There are several different models of the PT-6 with various horsepower levels so there would be choices on how much power would be required. The hull design is intended to keep the cross section between the hulls just out of the water at the aft end, barely, when moderately loaded. That can be changed with the aft adjustable extension to help prevent slapping in medium weather and will raise the aft end a bit under power. I don't recall the aspect ratio numbers but it is on the wide side, the most I could get away with.

      The ship is intended to be able to work in very shallow waters which is why the props are protected as they are. That also increases efficiency to a high degree for this sort of vessel. It should be able to operate on the outer coast in mild weather and should have very good range with the semi planing effect. By planing the usual length/bow wave limitation is largely removed. Back in my early years I worked on some water craft at various times when the aircraft business was slow in the summer. I lived spitting distance from salt water with a very nice view of Anglers Anchorage Marina. I used to see some very nice yachts moored there including some from the very wealthy people. I intended to build myself a small very seaworthy sail boat to explore the world in but that never took place. I grew up with a view of San Francisco Bay so was always in sight of salt water and learned how to sail there. Being back next to the ocean somehow just feels right. It certainly helps that I can now breath properly.

      I was talking to my mother a few nights ago and she revealed something to me that she has never told me before. When she was just 12 years old her parents (my grandparents) had one more child. It was a very healthy appearing baby that suddenly died at just eight days old. The doctors of the time didn't know what to make of it. I know exactly what happened, it was caused by CCHS, the genetic problem that I have had since I was born. My mother has also now told me that she has always had difficulty being at altitudes higher than a couple of thousand feet, the same as me. She grew up in Denmark where the highest altitude is just over 400 feet and has lived near sea level her entire life.

      This absolutely confirms my own diagnosis of CCHS. While it doesn't help in any way it sure is nice to know that CCHS really is my problem and moving here was very much the right thing to do.

      It also confirms that the stupid simple treatment I developed using oxygen and the Haldane Effect is precisely correct. It is why and how I got involved with the professor of neurology. I expect he has colleagues that will be very interested in that treatment. It has the potential to save the lives of many very young babies. It is also a big part of the reason I moved here. It is my plan and that plan is now very much in motion.
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