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  • toolpost

    Anybody used the quickchange tool posts that are sold by username "discountmachineshop" on Ebay?

    Just curious as to quality.

    Not expecting dorian or aloris, but want to know how much I will have to sacrifice in the name of a buck.


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    I've also browsed this seller's auctions, very tempting prices and they're all multiple buy-it-now auctions, so there's not any pressure.
    I havn't bought anything from this seller, but I'm also curious as to the quality of those toolposts being sold.


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      Just to inform everyone. I purchased one of the "piston" types, and it seems to work pretty good. The only downside was the nut that holds it in the toolpost. It is supplied as a piece of steel. Used up two cutoff wheels on my angle grinder since I dont have a mill.

      Went to an auction and got even more quick change tooling for it. ten bucks

      Very Interesting auction. Saw a real nice drill press go for $7.50...yes, not a typo.

      A bridgeport in need of repair, ten dollars

      Cylindrical grinder, 350 dollars

      The most expensive thing I bought was a Yuasa spin indexer for 30 bucks.

      I ended up with a bunch of **** that I dont want too...they started combining lots. I'll post pictures in the next couple days...if anyone wants it, it's theirs for the taking



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        Your comment "...if anyone wants it, it's theirs for the taking"
        Are you talking about the Yuasa Spin Indexer?
        If so, I'm interested if you still have it.


        Ooops. After re-reading last sentence I guess it was all the other stuff you were talking about. ...well I tried.

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        Lynn (Huntsville, AL)