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  • OT Paypal ?

    I have to ask for info as I sent some money via Paypal to a fellow forum user and he says he hasn't gotten it, been over a week, what is the procedure to trace this, I'm sure like toolman and others have experience in this. Thanks

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    If it is coming from a bank account on a private transaction, up to a week. When I sell on E-bay, and the buyer uses PayPal, it shows up right away.
    When I receive money from private individuals, I am notified right away that the payment has been sent via PayPal.


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      ok just went and looked and it says he hasn't accepted yet so maybe the address is not right or something- thanks for the help!


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        I missed an r in his address so I cancel this one and resent it- thanks for the help!
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          Originally posted by im#2 View Post
          I missed an r in his address so do I cancel this one and resend, is that the way to do it?
          If not addressed to the right recipient, by all means cancel. Upstanding of that other mythical person not to take your money.
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