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  • off topic george but non political Alistair

    I got news today from Paypal saying they are amending my account in certain ways is this something everyone got also they say I have a right to cancel paypal is this going to cause me difficulties with ebay etc so basically I also need to know if it is a scam also. Alistair worried a little Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    I have not received any notification like this.

    Do they ask or encourage you to respond or react in any other way? If not, it's hardly a scam. But you can always call them to make sure what's going on.
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      Whenever I get an e-mail from eBay, PayPal, I forward it to [email protected] or eBay. They will respond as to its legitimacy.

      If I get something from other sources that appears questionable, I ignore it and wait for a followup, which will come if it is legitimate.
      Jim H.


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        You never need to use links in email and should get into the habit of finding your own way to the sites you use.
        Paypal Uk's latest policy update email is indeed legitimate and states

        "you can also find the page at, by clicking ‘Legal’ at the bottom of the page and then selecting ‘Policy Updates’"

        So, don't use the link, visit what you know to be the genuine site in your normal way, scroll to the bottom, click Legal, scroll to the bottom of that page and click Policy Updates.

        Most policy updates are just about reducing the work load on PayPal in favour of making it easier for scamming buyers to cheat legitimate sellers
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          I recently received an email from PayPal with information regarding changes to their rules. I don't really understand it all except to say that there is nothing that anyone can do if PayPal changes their rules - their game, their rules.

          As to the effect on eBay of canceling one's PayPal account, it would be difficult to buy anything on eBay without making special arrangements with the seller ahead of time. eBay and PayPal, even though they claim now to be separate entities, it's clear that they are still "joined at the hip", so to speak.

          I buy now and then on eBay and use PayPal but I never, ever sell there anymore since the fees are too high. I'm not clear exactly on the numbers but PayPal gets something like 3%, eBay gets another 10% anyway and a similar amount on the value of the shipping. That's really exorbitant. eBay is nothing now like when I started with them in 2001.

          For example, I sold a nice banjo on eBay last year for $3,000 and only netted about $2,450. To add insult to injury, PayPal held the money for two weeks since I had never sold anything that expensive before. They told me that they could have held the money for up to 21 days if they wanted to!

          I'm not doing that again.


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            Me-thinks you guys are correct maybe I should just ignore it and carry on as b4 anyway I like buying and paying with paypal they have some good things about them, anyway if I ask Alistair jnr if he has had a similar email it sounds as though it might be just their legal responsibility to write and warn before they actually implement the said policy. Thanks guys. I just worry about these things after the last de-bacle. Alistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              You can always tell if it is legit, Paypal Never send a link with their emails, they tell you to log into your A/C the usual way.
              If it has a Link attached, step away.
              Send to their spoof line.


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                Whenever I get a questionable email, I use "right-click > properties > Details > message source", which shows the full header and contents in text form so it is not really "opened", where the email client parses the HTML and converts images and possibly runs scripts that can be harmful. So you can look at the actual sender (From: can be spoofed), and also the hyperlinks (the URL may not match the text).

                If you already have the email open, you can hover over the links to see their actual target.

                The last update I got from Paypal was 8/22/16.
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                  My PayPal is fine with not "notifications". Sounds like scam to me.


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                    Before you ask: The Nigerian Prince that wants to send you 100Million USD is also hoax.


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                      Call them & see if legit. Last 2 times I called I spoke with reps south of Dublin.
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                        Funny thing. The Nigerians, about 6 of them were in our shop today looking to buy our products! I hope my boss is savvy enough to be damn sure the money is actually real before we ship $200K systems!