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    Originally posted by jcfx View Post
    Thanks for the look at your shop, superb machines you have there !

    Did you also fabricate the base for your Atlas 7B shaper ?

    Just in case you want another Deckle FP1 there's one on eBay real cheap, assembly required
    Deckle Universal Precision Milling Machine
    Thanks. Yes, I used an old riveter stand and modified it (cast iron). I will do a separate thread on the Atlas, lots of modifications and scraping on it.


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      Originally posted by rklopp View Post
      My 1986 FP2NC was $86k in 1986. It came with the 6300-RPM flip-head, full enclosure (or as full as Deckel offered them at the time), and Dialog 4 control. My mill is nowhere as clean as yours, nor is the rest of my shop. Oh well.

      I didn't know that you where on here too, thats great! Mines a 1984 and the base price didn't include any chip tray or enclosure and Dialog 2, fixed table, and of course no flip head. Amazing that the prices increased that much in two years. The chip tray was listed for $410 and the full enclosure was $3000 in 1984. I wish in had Dialog 4 or even Dialog 3, but the machine is in good shape and keeps making chips. P.S. I did get Fusion 360 to sort of work , but it needs the post to be modified to work with Dialog 2, not sure if it's worth the hassle. It does create a lot of code.