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    I am currently running no.s 3 and 4 of the 4 Jet saws I have bought.
    no.s 1 and 2 were completely worn out, after about 15 years each full time in a 3 man shop.
    NOT hobby use, but daily hard work.
    We often make a couple hundred cuts a day, in everything from 1/2" stainless plate to 2" square tube to solids, angles, and pipe.
    I can often wear out a bi-metal blade every month or so, on each saw.

    I am of the opinion, which is generally unpopular here, that they are NOT all the same.
    In fact, if you compare the different saws, you can see differences in the size and thicknesses of castings.
    All 4 of my Jets were purchased long enough ago that they were Taiwan, not mainland china- but even the chinese Jet saws are, in my opinion, better than HF or other cheapies.
    My jets all 4 cut straight right out of the box.
    My biggest problem with them has been vibration loosening bolts. Loctite fixes that.

    One thing, though, that can and does happen to any of these saws- if they jam, unattended, they will burn out the motor.
    I have, over the years, burned out 4 motors. Usually when cutting something like 4" round, which might take 20 minutes for a single cut. Get a phone call, go eat lunch, come back to a shop full of magic smoke.
    My two current saws are running Grizzly replacement motors, one is 1/2hp, the other 3/4hp.
    The drawback being that these motors cost more than a HF saw.
    The plug and play 3/4 horse 1725 rpm Grizzly motor costs $167.50 these days.
    Which is a lot cheaper than a $5000 european saw.

    I have a 7x10 Grizzly. Its a POS that we only drag out when something is too big for the Jets.

    So, to sum up, it has been my experience, owning 4 of them over the last 35 years, that the Jet saws are worth spending the extra money for.