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New to me Cushman Truckster, Great for around the farm & just what I need!

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  • New to me Cushman Truckster, Great for around the farm & just what I need! 219 original hours, all diamond plate, 4 12v batteries & suspension. 24Volt & they bought new in 2008 for getting a machine repairman a paper mill that closed, never used outside, no rust. You lift the seat back & it folds down to make it a 2 seater. It has a live axle, like new tires & works like new. Beats my stupid mobility scooter. This thing is great & I got it for $400. Look what it cost now

    ttps:// :GOOGLEPLAA-_-Material%20Handling-_-Forklifts%20and%20Forklift%20Attachments-_-35LR59&AL!2966!3!50916708117!!!g!60473762122!&s_kw cid=AL!2966!3!50916708117!!!g!60473762122!&ef_id=V 6dpEgAABCGVME4f:20170209011907:s

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    No pics, no gloat.

    Pictures on your property or it never happened.


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      Where did I say gloat? So no gloat=no pics. If you don't believe it I could care less as I was just sharing the suprise what it sells for now & it's still made in the U.S. BTW I've posted many more pics than you ever have, so like Ripleys Believe it or not
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        Come on flylo, we all know, no photos, no happen.

        I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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          That applies to gloats which maybe you guys read better than I but this is not a gloat, just sharing.
          Don't forget RIF Reading if Fundamental. I have a broken back, can walk and/or stand under 1/2 hour a day & this will really help me getting around.


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            That must be a rather new one.

            My father-in-law has an older one, 2 cylinder opposed under the seat, titled, inspected and plates. Pretty much the "Meter maid" type, with side curtains, if you recall those. We worked on that one, and a second one that we quite on when the title was not forthcoming

            He got the street legal one painted white and electric blue metallic flake. Looks pretty slick, I'll have to see if I have a pic. Quick search did not come up with one, but I'm pretty sure I took one.
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              The imaginary Cushman is a 2008 as it says in the 1st post. Glad to see they are still in business.


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                Cool truck and great to hear theyre still around. The golf course I worked on 15'ish years ago now as a kid had several older 3-wheel Trucksters with hydraulic 6'(?) dump beds. They had gas engines, a left hand shift 4(?) speed, and would do 40-odd mph. Not too much ground clearance but locked rear diffs helped them crawl over things amazingly well and they were made of ~1/4" steel plate, we beat the snot out of them and they never let us down. I actually seriously regret not taking one home after its hydraulic pump quit and the boss offered it free to me.
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                  Your Grainger link was missing the "h" in "https". Here is an image:

                  Yeah, $10,000+.

                  You got a good deal.

                  Only Cushman in Baltimore Craigslist:

                  Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
                  USA Maryland 21030


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                    Yes for $400 I'm very happy. I'll paint it when it warms up & post pics, it was fugly when bright yellow, then someone painted so it's maize & blue & I'm not a U of M fan.


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                      That didn't last long! I saw the craigslist add just yesterday!

                      We love our golf cart. Handy little things these are and they hardly use any gas.


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                        It ws up for 2 weeks at $1000 as I called him friday & offered him $400.


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                          I hauled one of those electric Cushman thre wheelers all over USA when I was on the rode showing our horses. They were great to get around on and fit through every normal door.
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                            Originally posted by flylo View Post
                            It ws up for 2 weeks at $1000 as I called him friday & offered him $400.
                            Ah, someone just posted and tagged me yesterday in it. At times I wish I had the box then other times I like the bag straps.



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                              Cushman had a huge plant here in Lincoln. Union demands forced them to shutter the plant, now there are thousands of better ex-union boys and girls around the city crying about how they used to make $30 an hour to do basically nothing and now they have to actually labor for $10-11 an hour.

                              University bought most of the land and is dismantling the buildings so they can put up more admin buildings and dorms.