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Fridge vs. Freezer

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  • Fridge vs. Freezer

    So a friend gave me a small upright freezer he didn't need. That's good; we need it at the summer house. Saved me a few hundred bucks.

    Really though, I would've preferred a fridge.

    HEEEY, W A I T a sec.. What is the difference anyway? Cold is cold; it's only a matter of degrees.

    Anybody know if there is a dial or knob gizmo on there someplace, where I can detune the thing to something less cold? Fiddle with the thermostat?

    I'll go have a look shortly. Stop me if this is a waste of time.

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    Google a company called Williams Brewing. They sell home brewing supplies and they have a device that will let you set the temp on a freezer as you like. Pretty darn reasonable to boot.
    James Kilroy


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      Suddenly I see a freezer with a hole cored in the side for a beer tap
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Had a neighbor when I was a kid that had a fridge with a beer tap in it out in his garage


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          Go to your local HVAC supply house and get youself a temp. controler. Penn, Ranco and Honeywell are the major brands. Should be around $50.00. Be carefull about where you drill the hole through the side of the cabinet to put the probe through. Don't cut a refrigerant line. wire the plug through the control and set it at 35 - 40 deg. Hope this helps.



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            Hmmm- seems like a small 'extension' to the hot end of the temperature adjustment might be all that's needed. Have a look at what happens when you turn the dial to warm. Just make that action go a tad further. How cold is warm on the dial, anyway?
            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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              My large freezer has a temp control on the back near the compressor.

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                I had a problem last year with my side by side. The food side seemed warm but the freezer side seemed to be cold. I started to figure out how this worked. The food side had a small port with a fan to suck cold from the freezer side.

                I discovered that the coils in the freezer side were iced up. There were two resistors of 600 watts total for the auto defrost. One was open. I got a replacement and it is fine.

                I would assume that you could turn up the thermostat far enough.


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                  I just took a good look at it. I was hoping for Evan's line, (that there would be a tuning dial on the back somewhere) but no go. Next is darryl's line, and that's what I'll try to begin with. The fine-tuning temp knob turns an eccentric cam that presses a lever, under which the thermostat resides. A simple, purely mechanical arrangement.

                  However, the fine tuning knob has an effective adjustment range of about 8*C on one whole rev. (thermometered it) That's gonna take some seriously FINE tuning on the eccentric wheel to get the temp where I want it. It goes now between -20 and -28*C and I want like +5*C.

                  Hm. We'll see. Otherwise I noticed an abundance of different kinds of cheap thermostats at the techie store. Maybe that way if this turns out to be a hassle mechanically.

                  Thanks for replies, fellas.


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                    Freezers usually operate with a different refrigerant than refrigerators do. R-12 and its equivalents won't operate well at sub-freezing temps. Whether R-22 will be efficient at the 30-45* temps refers work at is unlikely. Be smart. SELL the freezer and buy a used fridge.


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                      Ah, thanks Jason. See last line in original post.

                      Edit, a minute later:

                      Jason, the only labels on the unit are on the compressor, and say things like Danfoss, TL4A, 102U and R12.

                      Now what do you say? Your call.

                      If it matters it's a Husqvarna (=Elektrolux and Whirlpool among other brand names) made in Germany(?) and sold in Sweden within the last few years or so.

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                        Jason J's post is incorrect. Generally speaking, all home and commercial refrigerator/freezers operate with R-134A which is the replacement for R-12. Both refigerants operate at about 5 psi. suction pressure. This translates to an evaporator temp. of -5 degrees. That is well below freezing to achieve the "hard" freeze required for frozen food and ice cream.

                        There are exceptions to this but they are few and far between. Like the cryro chamber I worked on yesterday. It uses two seperate systems. R-502 to condense R-13 to pull down to -40deg. These chambers are used to "cycle" products for climate testing. -40 to +140 deg. in all humidity ranges. I've seen all kinds of stuff tested like this from carpet to laser sighting systems for Bradley fighting vehicals.

                        Oh yeah, my wholesale cost for 5 pounds of R-13 is $1200. $240 per pound!!!! R-22 cost about $2.50 per pound.


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                          My freezer operates at about -20. BTW, I have a 20 lb tank of freon, the banned type (I can't recall the type but it is refrigerant grade). I think I'll see if I can sell it.
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                            someone gave me a small appartment size freezer a few years back, worked alright for a while I guess. Now it makes a good garage beer cooler, it can never get to freeze temp.

                            In all seriousness, if you have a fiend or acquaintance who is knowledgable in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and Cooling), thy can rig you right up. At the place I work, we were also given a freezer (for whatever reason we actually took it), and our HVAC tech took the "new' (6 month old - estate item) freezer and tuned it down in 290 minutes and with a small part into a 40 degree fridge.

                            CCBW, MAH