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OT Dell laptop battery wierd isues

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    Originally Posted by Wirecutter
    Ok, well sorry for being long-winded. I'm sometimes a bit of a battery geek.

    Originally posted by Joel View Post
    Don't be. I was unaware and found the information interesting. Answers/replies are not only for the OP's, but will live on and educate thousands as people search and find the threads years into the future.
    While I found it depressing. It helps explain why I can't find good batteries for my old phone and laptops. Good info in that I won't be spending any more money trying though.


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      Originally posted by Wirecutter View Post
      Ok, well sorry for being long-winded. I'm sometimes a bit of a battery geek. I've also noticed that sometimes a cell is just bad right out of the gate. I've also found that new battery cells, particularly the various lithiums sold online, never test above about 90% of their "rated" capacity. Perhaps you have one or two marginal cells in the pack. In any case, if Bat+ honors the warranty, you only have the hassle of shipping stuff to an fro.

      Yeah, I know. What kind of geek spends spare time testing batteries? I'll spare everyone that...
      No issue, that is good info for others. And you have no idea what I know or do not know. I made one comment in passing that indicated I was aware of the battery monitor processor, and it was easy to miss.

      When there is a system involving two processors, a charge circuit, a number of cells, and communications between the processors, it can get involved as to which one is really bad, and when it started being bad. At various times it appeared to charge in #1 and not in #2, and also in #2 and not in #1... That one I didn't bother discussing, since it evened out. It seems to have just been a case of the timing of the trials, since when I moved quickly from one to the other, they acted the same. I had had some time between trials, which apparently allowed the battery to decide to charge.

      All I can figure is that the battery processor was/is very hard to satisfy as far as this set of cells is concerned. A decent reason to take them up on the replacement for this replacement.

      Bat+ seems a little unaware of some battery technology, definitely in the store, and also in customer service. I was hoping , when I called, to get a more technical person who would ask intelligent questions. But apparently the store sells SKUs, and corporate ships SKUs, and that's about it. It's a franchise operation.
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