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    Hello Folks
    I am a hobbist with limited experience. I recently got a new 3 jaw & threaded backplate for my Atlas 12x36 lathe. Chuck made in India not great but thought I could make it useable. I have read the articles on this & other groups & in the mags. about mounting chucks. The chuck came
    with 3 tapped holes, I drilled the plate to match & put set screws
    against the bolts for adjustment.
    Got chuck body within 1-2 thou. r/o. chucked 2" bar that I had turned earlier, 7-8 thou. r/o,chucked 3/4" bar same r/o. I used a die grunder mounted on tool post to try true up jaws. With chuck turning slow took light cuts until all jaws ground. R/o same as before, put ink on jaws, ground again 'till jaws clean now have 18-20 thou r/o. I can't see how this could happen I am stumped.
    Any help will be much appreciated.
    TIA chiphead42

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    Did you "preload" the jaws before grinding?

    If not, here's what I'm referring to:

    A word of caution: BEFORE cutting and grinding on a chuck make sure you know exactly what the problem is. This is accomplished by doing testing in a very methodical and deliberate manner. In other words “look before you leapâ€‌! Thinking and measuring are cheap compared to buying a new chuck. Hey, the whole problem could have been a tiny chip or burr - you never know until you check for consistency of the measures.

    Here's an example of how to mount a new chuck to your lathe:


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      Thanks Mike
      I did not preload the chuck. I will make a fixture and do that, should solve the problem. chiphead42