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boxford crosslide new part ordered

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  • boxford crosslide new part ordered

    Well sorry to bring up aout my Boxford crosslide again anyway thought I'd tell you removed the crosslide screw complete with handle remember the small cog attached was too short to make contact with the drive gear well sent it all of to Boxford U K they advised me this morning a new screw without any of the other parts.i.e handle, micrometer, etc just the screw with cog attached I think it is milled out one piece (wait for it )would cost G.B.Pounds آ£206.00 plus tax plus delivery well I told them it was too much eventually they are sending me a second hand screw with my old handle and parts attached for fifty pounds thats better I still think it's a little bit expensive for what it is but then lathes are not cheap but I have agreed to pay as I will need it sorted They were very helpful to me and I take my hat off to them for that I would have thought the second hand price was about what it should've cost new. maybe I'm just being tight assed or does anyone else think its a good price
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Alistair, nothing wrong with being tight assed. Prices of replacement parts for almost any machine will scare you to death. I think that you are about right in second hand price being right for new, but obviously, they can get what they demand.
    A lot of older companies have tacked a couple of percent to the price of a part each year, without actually running cost analysis. The result with older items is that often they go out the roof. Your feedscrew may be such a thing.
    As you gain more experience with your machining, you will be able to manufacture what is required to keep the old girl running. It is all part of the fun.
    Jim H.


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      When I first brought home my Maximat 7 it was in good shape, not new. The mill head had a gear missing from the gearbox and I had only one speed. Replacement gear? $800(US) - the whole head was $1950(US). I took the shaft down to a shop owner I know and asked him to fab another gear for me - $321. First time I tried threading with the lathe - WTF! Half baked half nuts - $550 (US). Made my own. Tried threading again - WTF! Lead screw moves 1/4". Broke three inserts @$30 each (that really burned my ass). Made a bearing bracket for the end of the screw - end of problem.

      So, welcome to the hobby. As soon as I fix that I can make this then I can do that then I have to fix this...

      And having too much Scotland in this wee laddie's blood it makes me butt pucker every time I even hear stories like that! Good thing it is so much fun.


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        Yes, the cost of replacement parts can be awe-inspiring! It's not just Boxford, it seems to be true of parts from most makers.

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          Clausing want $900 for a 127 T metric tranposition gear.
          I'm doing some at the moment and even as specials and shipping to the US they will be under $100

          John S.

          Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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            Yes John it seems to me the people who buy up old lathes and sell them or even break them for parts must make a hell of a profit.I went to an industrial college last year and spoke to some retired machinists who rent a room from the college every friday. This year in sept god willing I am going to go and join their club to get a bit of help with learning about lathes milling machines. Point is while I was there I was told the college were about to sell of six older lathes all colchester student lathes is was just a question af making an offer for all six or less if you wished.I was told they would not even get آ£100.00 each for them they were loaded with all the extras i.e steadies chucks, etc everything possible these colleges don't skimp on buying so all was the best of stuff. Trouble was I had just bought the Boxford at more than the six colchesters together,it came with one chuck and that was it. Even found out about the crosslide problem afterwards also . My workshop is in my back yard and I live on a slope so it would have been murder to get it into my shop as they are very heavy also I have a few steps to climb to get to the front door of my shop.I would have been better buying all six and just took all the removable extras to sell, and sold the rest for scrap. Or rented a small storage space for a few months and took the lot they were giving them away at that price .It seems this happens all the time here these guys are buying these old college /school lathes for a song and doing very nicely.The point of all of this is that the guy who is selling me the screw for my crosslide probably is charging me nearly what he paid for the whole lathe .It makes me think about doing it myself.Talk about money for old rope Alistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease