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couple of nice things for sale

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  • couple of nice things for sale

    E bay
    item: 4315146122
    see other auctions as well
    please visit my webpage:

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    Yep, seen 'those'. I keep wondering how that guy ever gets around to putting stuff on eBay. That would require time in front of the computer.
    James Kilroy


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      Yeh I saw a couple of things that I liked but am too old to get my moneys worth out of them Alistair
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        Here's a couple more




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          As a tattoo artist, them look like a whole lota work. You gotta smash them flat so they don't jiggle while you are tracing the lines in, then hold them taut while you pack the color into the tattoo.



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            Ohh.. and I forgot to tell you about "Bear"

            He was tattooing a pretty young things breast.
            She was whimpering, he said does that hurt honey? She whimpered yes.. He said do you want me to numb them for your.. SHe said YES please would you?

            He leaned over, went.. NUM NUM NUM NUM..

            She was not amused..

            (I saw this)



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              David You crack me up, you are by far the most amusing person on this board. Wouldnt mind partying with you sometime, lol later.


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                Gee David! I'm at work and I just read this.

                Can you tell me why everyone is staring at me?


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                  OLD bear, NOW I didn't tell you all the history.

                  Bear would go to motorcycle runs, He had these coke bottle bottom looking glasses. He'd put reading glasses on the end of this nose in addition to his thick glasses. Standing at a angle you could see visions of his crazy blue eyes in each set of glasses with two set of eyeballs in the first set.

                  Why anybody would sit in his chair and let him tattoo them is beyond me.

                  He swapped a running 63 panhead for a tattoo shop that consisted of 3 rusty tattoo machines , a lease and some books of hand drawn art. I been looking for a deal like that ever since.

                  He called me one night drunk as a skunk, he was into chaining women up, He slurred into the phone, I got a naked woman hanging in my garage and can't find my handcuff keys, I replied that the sherriffs office had plenty of keys to call them. He hung up on me.

                  Like most the bikers of the 70's I kept a handcuff key sewed into the rear of my jacket, this was common knowledge.



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                    That first e-bay item stated that "LOCAL PICK UP IS PREFERRED". I would agree with that and even go so far as volunteer to pick it up for the winner!!! Notice the couter is up over 400, thats alot of people looking at a stapler!!!


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                      Shiny teapot, why you don't take photographs in the nude