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Help with P&W 10" engine lathe

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    Originally posted by RB211 View Post
    Your lathe looks very stout for 10” swing, you’ll enjoy it when it’s up and running. Looks like a South Bend 9c on Jose Conseco’s steroids.
    I enjoy it every time a chip flies! If I'm not mistaken, according to a brochure for a sightly newer (same basic design) version of my lathe, it's in the 1400lb range. Which doesn't include the motor, drive spindle, or mount.

    Originally posted by flylo View Post
    Very HD! Is this your's with a threading dial in Feb
    It is, I posted over there recently by recommendation by a member here. If you scroll back to the posts on here in the late 30s-early 40s, I go a bit more in depth on the chasing dial, and I think there's a few more pictures as well.

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