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What have I done ? OMG, what have I done ???

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  • What have I done ? OMG, what have I done ???

    To a large extent it's your fault. Oh, maybe not the specific reader who is reading these words at this moment, but its the fault of this forum. You guys sold me on the idea that a shaper is a great tool for making anything (except money). I decided to get one.

    So, I found one. No... not a sensible little 7" Delta or Atlas or Boxford shaper... NO... I had to go and buy a a shaper that could machine battleship armor.

    This puppy has a 24" stroke and 26 1/2" of table travel. It's HUGE. It probably weighs 2 tons, or more.

    So why did I go so big? Well, first of all my shop is a converted barn so I have space... But more importantly, the Craigslist listing made it obvious that this was the tool of a machinist who loved his machines. He described buying in 1964, using it a lot, and then slowly using it less and less. The main reason he gave for selling it was that he is 75 and can't do as much anymore, and wanted to see it go to a good home instead of as scrap. What does that tell ya ??? It says he CARES about his machines. It says "FIND" to me. And the price ? Just a bit above scrap metal price, so I'm sure I gotta deal !!!!

    So, I'm really excited, and I'll share this journey with you guys. The first part is going to be moving this beast. Ho-boy, it's gonna be a PITA. It's big, it's heavy, and I'm not young anymore myself. The challenges are just beginning.

    Any advice on how to move it?

    What have I done?

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    The stroke indicator... NO, that's not centimeters... that's INCHES


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        What is the brand? Did I miss that? I love shapers.


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          I'd like to place an order for 2x battleship armor, please. 24.5"x24.5".

          (I also see some very long V blocks in your future.)


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            Fred Flintstone would be proud, in fact we'll just nick-name you "Barney" cuz your about to turn allot of things to Rubble...


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              Boy, that's neat. And for scrap prices. OK, I will be the first to say it, "You Suck!"

              Congratulations! Now, before you move it, are you sure your floor (concrete slab?) can hold it?

              As for moving, I think I would call a commercial mover. But that's me and I am only a couple of years short of your seller. My wife wants me to sell my machines too. NO WAY!
              Paul A.
              SE Texas

              Make it fit.
              You can't win and there IS a penalty for trying!


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                Here's how I moved mine, course it was "only" a 14 inch stroke machine weighing about 1 ton. (After I removed the 80 lb vise, table, motor & ram head that is.)
                I bought a stick of Home depot 3/8" black iron pipe, cut it into 4 pieces a little longer than the base is wide. Then with a pinch bar, crow bar & wooden blocks, got the machine up on 3 pieces of pipe. Then it rolled easy as pie.
                Move it till the rear pipe was about to come out, force it onto the 4th piece in the front, move along. I did use a couple 2 X 6's with blocking under them to get it up on the trailer, plus lots of prying & shoving to get it to take the incline. Unloading was just the reverse, plus a chain fall attached to the front of the trailer for a hold back. I put it in the garage, and put a 2 x 4 across the inner door way to pull it in with. Do what you can to lower the rear of the trailer, like digging holes for the wheels to go in or jacking up the front.
                I moved a 50000lb Greaves H2 the same way. Neither job took more than half a day.
                OR<,,Get it up on a skid & call one of those flat bed car haulers. But still take off what you can. Make it as "light" as possible.
                Shapers are really cool to use, enjoy!!


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                  Originally posted by david a View Post
                  I moved a 50000lb Greaves H2 the same way.
                  Now that's some machine,,, seriously surprised the pipe did not oval out...


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                    This is very clearly a case of...

                    YOU SUCK


                    1973 SB 10K .
                    BenchMaster mill.


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                      Dan, well done and even though the price isn't mentioned it's pretty clear you suck.

                      I borrowed a forklift with 48" forks and a lifting capacity of 3,750 lbs and it struggled (really struggled) to lift my 16" Gould & Eberhardt tool room shaper. Of course I didn't remove anything to make it lighter. When I set it back down it was on a re-enforced pallet so I could move it around with a pallet jack. I'm not too far behind the seller age wise so a forklift was the right choice for me. Good Luck.



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                        Very nice indeed, I prefer the larger ones if given the choice . I have said it and guess what? I say it all yet again one of the nicest looking shapers was a nice big on John Stephenson sold. I had just bought a little Boxford, and after driving to Birmingham actually Leicester was in no mood to have two. Silly old Me! It was beautiful and had all bells and whistles on it. And his widely respected m'lud ship sold it very cheaply , albeit a number of years ago. They are surprisingly nice machines perhaps a little mesmerizing to watch, (over a long period) . So care is required not to wander ( in the cognitive regions) now and then. But I wish apart from it's footprint I had it now. God Bless the old gentleman. Alistair
                        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                          Originally posted by partsproduction View Post
                          What is the brand? Did I miss that? I love shapers.


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                            Before you run it much you might want a chip catcher box around the table. That thing will throw red hot chips 20 feet. I have a little 8 inch and when doing heavy cuts the chips are everywhere.
                            Unless you are good at rigging hire a good moving crew they have the tools and knowledge.
                            Warning shapers are addictive.



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                              Is this were we all add "I'm sorry"?

                              If you have the room and the 3 phase power to run it I'd say that is just about exactly the RIGHT size. And it will certainly keep the floor from being blown away when you forget to close the doors! ! ! ! And I foresee you ensuring that the path to the machine is clear for the hoist you will frequently be using with it.

                              I also think that with you having enough room for it that it's gone to just the right home. You are going to be impressed, amazed and amused at what it can do.

                              It looks like there are more than a few things there that need good homes. Clearly he's lacking the will and energy to sling any oil on the machines. I know it's only flash rust that will clean up nicely. But still it makes me sad to see.
                              Chilliwack BC, Canada