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  • shaper ram ways

    Whaddya all think...

    Could a shaper be constructed using linear slides such as THK for the ram. The recirculating ball type on a rail...non thomson. I know they are used on newer NC machines, but not sure if they would be able to handle the loads of a shaper.


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    Sure but those THK blocka dn slides are big time expensive and you have to size them for the worst case transient overload - which is expensive-er. In a shaper these transients can be pretty high if the head collides with the vise or something.

    You don't want the ram ways to "brinnell" locally from an accident and have to listen to "grunckety-grunckety-grunck!" for the life of the shaper.


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      Plane bearings are used for a reason,that reason is brinneling like Forrest suggested.

      Its too easy to build them up out of rectangular cold rolled,box of bolts,some gibs and a little scraping and youe in business.Most shapers have square ways anyhow.
      I just need one more tool,just one!