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    I finally got around to documenting all the modifications to date on my Grizzly Mill/Drill. I bought this second hand but had never been used. It is typical of all the ones based on the Rong Fu design. The write up was too lengthy to put here, but this is a link to the PDF file. I do a lot of work with VFDs and have installed at least 15 or 20. I have seven in use in my shop now and two more ready to go on a two headed Delta 17" drill press. I convert everything I can to three phase ans add the VFD and remote control.

    This is a link:

    I am not too good at proofing my own writing, so if you find any errors, please let me know.
    Grantham, New Hampshire

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    I found a few minor typos:

    Looks like a good mod! I might use some on my HF mill/drill.
    Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
    USA Maryland 21030


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      Thanks for posting the link to your mill/drill mod. I like the gear stake roller modification. Your iGauge dro look much bettter than the one I got. I have the older basic model, they were a great addition to my mill, but I lost the function of one dro due to oil or dirt on the scale. I have now protected them with a bicycle rubber inner tube, partially slit on one side along the length and stretched between the scale mounts to close up the slit.


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        Paul, thank you for the edits. I think I fixed all of them and reposted it. Proofing is not my specialty. I see what I want to see and not what is actually there.

        Phil, I had one of the older ones that came with the mill when I bought it. It was on the "Y" axis. The new ones are much better and they are very accurate. I had a conversation with Igaging's tech support about lengthening the time before the display shuts down (you can't) and as an aside he told me that Boeing and NASA both use them, for what that is worth. The scales on the older ones were aluminum and these are SS. The way I have the displays mounted gives easy access to the batteries without having to undo anything.

        One nice thing about the DRO to me is the ability to get back to a location after I move the bed to change the cutter. One operation that I do requires a couple of cutter changes and I have to move the bed to get clearance over the vise.
        Grantham, New Hampshire