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Password Reset ?? How to ??

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  • Password Reset ?? How to ??

    I seem to have misplaced my password paper that has all my user/pass info but I am still logged in. How do I reset ?
    thank you

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    You might want to do this using another browser, or in a "private" browser window/tab if your browser supports that, so you can stay logged in, but still do the reset where the site sends you a password to your email address. I suggest this just to make sure it works, so if it doesn't, you can still post/message on the forum until you can resolve the problem.

    There is a password change field as part of the user settings, but you need to know the current password to change it...

    As always, and in particular for this site, DO NOT USE A PASSWORD THAT YOU WILL USE ANYWHERE ELSE. This site does not use https, so your password is likely transmitted in plaintext, so it can fairly easily be logged by other people and they will try to use your user name/password to try to log into other sites with more valuable data.

    As well, I would recommend a password manager, which keeps track of and will generate more difficult to guess passwords, and will also help prevent you from entering a user name/password into fraudulent web sites (ie, phishing attacks, where they ask you to confirm something, say for ebay, and the url looks like it is ebay, but it's not, it's like for example).
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      thanks, and I usually have a different user/pass for every web site.


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        If you use a browser like Sea Monkey it has a file with all your passwords in it . Preferences/Privacy and Security etc.


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          What browser are you using???



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            log out, then go to log in, there is a "forgot my password" link.

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