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Cutoff/Parting Holder Info needed

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  • Cutoff/Parting Holder Info needed

    I was given some inserts that are used for parting off, but have little no idea what holders are required.
    Don't have much experience with these types of inserts (cutoffs)
    Are inserts specific to a single manufacturer, or do several makers use the same insert ?
    Does anyone have a link to such dimensions ? ( For holders on the market)

    The inserts have this part info number GS094R
    I found this holder but not sure if it is the correct one

    Seeing physical dimensions on holders or inserts would seem to be a better help as I do not want to drop a hundred bills on a non working holder.

    Green Bay, WI

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    There are so many different styles and mfg's it's hard to say what interchanges. I would start by calling a couple manufacturers. You can usually find out all you need to know in a few minutes on the phone with a tech.



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      It's a standard older Kennametal GS insert. Not really "state-of-art".

      That tool holder will work. It's "limited" to about 1-1/16 material size.

      Unless you have a lot of them... often it's better to simply put them on Ebay and buy the inserts/tool-holder you want. There are many better for general purpose use.
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