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Collet Chuck - How does it work?

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    One thing I do is ensure I sink the end mills into the collet as deeply as I can shy of any transition to TiN plating, the top of the fluting or any hint of a radius. This ensures the flat for the set screw on the Weldon shanks is well up inside and I'm getting the most support I can from the mouth of the collet.

    This seemed to me to be fairly obvious when I switched to using collets with the new milling machine. But it may be worth mentioning just in case.
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      I have Clarkson Autolock no flat but use threaded cutters though (which I have quite a few of), I have never had one slip.

      I do like ER32 too it has a nice wide clamping range and given the eclectic collection of odd size cutters I have I do use this too, if you're concerned about ER clamping pressure use a Ball Bearing type nut which has a higher clamping force.



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        In 42 years at work, 50 plus years as a hobbyist.

        I have ruined exactly two jobs through end mills creeping downwards while held in collets. I agree heartily with the correspondents who emphasise cleanliness and that correct sized collets are important. The biggest mistake some beginners used to make , before collet chucks and milling machines were common in home workshops, was to hold end mills in 3 jaw lathe chucks and expect them to stay put while milling work in a vertical slide. I am a slow learner, wrecked several jobs that way when I was a beginner. Almost all tools have a potential to fail to produce perfect results if not used with the utmost care. But let's encourage beginners to learn how that level of care can produce very reliable consistent results instead of worrying over much about the rare possibilities of failure. Regards David Powell.


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          I got to go tool shopping for the new mill at work some years back. With the budget I was given I was able to buy a Clarkson chuck and a set of 2 and 4 flute end mills to go with it.

          .... that system is a slice of perfection with a cherry on top .....

          So easy to set and and use and so thoughtfully designed to encourage automatic setting for trueness and consistency. Makes Weldon look like a lazy slapdash guy that took the first half assed option that came to mind and ran with it......
          Chilliwack BC, Canada


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            Thanks for the replies. I didn't tighten it enough. Since I am new to this I guess I have some learning to do. My router (organic material called wood) uses a collet system and does not require much more than very snug tightness.

            Thanks again for all of the advice and replies.

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