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1.5mm MGMN150 parting/grooving inserts, anybody dare to try?

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  • 1.5mm MGMN150 parting/grooving inserts, anybody dare to try?

    Saw these to show up cheaply on ebay some times ago. Anyone have experience?
    Location: Helsinki, Finland, Europe

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    That's 1/16 of an inch. I have used HSS parting tools skinnier than that. A carbide insert one should be even better.
    Kansas City area


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      Yes. They're great, for small work. I start just slightly above center, and if it rubs without cutting, I lower it until it cuts. No problem with chatter this way. The inserts are brittle, of course, and won't stand abuse. Better than a 1.5 (.062") HSS parting blade in my experience.
      I cut it off twice; it's still too short
      Oregon, USA


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        Interesting, I've seen the MGMN200 inserts and holders around alot (eg. Banggood), but that's really too wide for my small lathe. There are quite a selection on Aliexpress for ~$10 a holder and ~$20 a packet of 10 inserts. Not a bad deal, but other things on the plate right now


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          Originally posted by Toolguy View Post
          That's 1/16 of an inch. I have used HSS parting tools skinnier than that. A carbide insert one should be even better.
          Mounting the insert reliably might get tricky. I think there is a reason why generic parting inserts aren't 0.9mm wide even if it would cut easier.

          Tim Clarke:
          That sounds good!
          I have one set on my way but shipping from china takes ages and I am itching to try them.

          And that is exactly the same method I use for setting the parting tool height! Makes miracles on smaller machine.
          Location: Helsinki, Finland, Europe


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            I use the 2mm variety, and like them.

            If you order from Banggood instead of Ebay direct from Hong Kong, you'll get the same or better prices and much faster shipping.


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              Yes been using these for about 4 years now, the 1.5mm wide ones.
              I make some spool valves, literally by the hundred, in fact given how long been making these possibly now into the thousands. The grooves are 1.6mm wide so I do two plunge cuts on the small CNC.

              The holder is the top clamp type as opposed to the knock in wedge type and this means you can traverses with these tools so the grooves and reliefs are all cut with the same tool.

              Not having to do a tool change saves quite a bit.

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                Iv had to make many specialized washers and some by the hundreds or even thousands and out of some fairly expensive materials..

                the ultra thin bits can be a real game changer when calculating quotes and profit margins... not to mention utilizing resources more efficiently.


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                  Got these some time ago:

                  Inserts look like slight b-grade, I think all of them have slightly imperfect cutting edge on another end. Still usable tough.

                  Did some trials on various steel grades up to 25mm stock, seem to work fine.
                  Another local fella here ordered the golden color TIN-coated 1.5mm inserts and they looked and performed bad. (thats my experience also with cheap TIN coated 2mm MGMG200 inserts)
                  Location: Helsinki, Finland, Europe