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Another a/c magnetic clutch test

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  • Another a/c magnetic clutch test

    I recently posted that the coil of an York compressor would hold 70 pounds of weight. Today I put the clutch back together and measured the torque to make it slip when energized. It was about 50 foot pounds. I am know thinking about hooking this up on my lathe. What is the torque on a 1 hp motor?

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    If 1800rpm then about 2lb ft,if 3600 then about 1lbft.

    Remember those car ac units require about 5hp to operate,so little chance of it being overloaded.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      I have been using one of those on my lathes for years. They work great. I run the V belt just a little loose which takes up the shock load when the clutch engages.


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        I am finding this to be an interesting subject. I do have a few questions though.

        How are you going to bring power to the spining magnet?

        What are you using as a power source? I have figured it is 12volts but how many amps and what is providing them?

        If you have any pictures once you are done and as you go i would like that...



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          Rob, the magnet don't spin. The coil takes 3 to 4 amps at 14 volts. Here is a pic of one taken apart.