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Canada vs USA space race

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  • Canada vs USA space race

    Looks like we might have a horse race.

    click here

    Da Vinci home page here:

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    I will give the DaVinci Team its due but I still think Rutan's got this with ih his grasp.
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      Looks like a race Evan. Good luck to your team. I think you & I win if any of them make it. Better if the yall can, even if there is only one "prize."


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        Go Canadians. May the better team win.

        We American, can be a smug bunch when it comes to technological acheivement. We got our asses kicked over the America's Cup and we were shocked out of our skills. Form this loss came a world of advanced sailing technology and our loss of complaisancy was well worth the subsequent advances.

        We should earn any victories that come our way just like everyone else: first-est with the most-est against keen competition not by default.

        So I repeat, Go Canada and good luck to you crews.


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          I hope they fire the rocket motor AFTER they release the ballon

          Good healthly PRIVATE compition is what is needed,maybe we can finally begin progressing by leaps and bounds.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            "Carrying an eight-track cassette player and a soccer ball kicked by England star David Beckham, the barrel-shaped craft will square off against a better financed U.S. rival SpaceShipOne, backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen."

            Hope they have some Newfoundlanders on their team because,as you know, we (Newfoundlanders) can do a lot with a little!!
            Go Canada!!
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