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New Web page..mine...just an infant.....

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  • New Web page..mine...just an infant.....

    I was home with my sick kid Monday and got some things together for a web site about the machining program I teach, and notes for machinist hobbists in the future. It is still a baby, but coming along daily. Found my server has free space for me, got it on line yesterday. Just had my fanny kicked and told I had to move to the 21st century, and this is required anyway.... so I am really having fun with this!!!!!!

    The page has the usual photos and such, many links under construction, so not too much to see. HOWEVER...I have started the Math Reference page, and will be adding a "HINTS for NEWBIES" page soon. It also has a few links of interest I have noted and found. Check it out, it has all the formulas I have talked about on this page. I am asking for more if you care.

    Sorry there is not more, but will note updates if you want...


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    Nice shop!!! I'm sure your students enjoy the opportunity to use (and learn to use) the equipment.

    Looking forward to seeing your webpage as it progresses. I'll bookmark it for future reference.

    BTW....did I miss the "formulas" section? Couldn't find it, but old eyes are getting bad lately. I especially like the "yellowstone" link. Gonna visit that place one of these days.




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      Nice set up. I am glad some out there is teaching what all us old timers already know.Keep up the good work.


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        congratulations, I'd like to go back to school there(or just play)
        To know by reading is different than knowing by doing. OR:
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