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Vintage Machinery Website (worth saving for reference)

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  • Vintage Machinery Website (worth saving for reference)

    I've often seen posts from members wishing to identify older machinery or to learn the period when it was created. An acquaintance provided me with the website below which speaks to these issues. I looked it over first before coming to the conclusion that it was worth posting here. There are an enormous number of machines of all types both wood-working and metal-working as well as photos detailed in many cases with model numbers and other relevant information.

    Side story on this website acquisition involving our "YOU SUCK" tradition:

    The guy who gave me this website addy's name is Jimmy. He is a neighbor of my nephew. I was over there yesterday as he was coming back from an estate sale. He had bought an older (back when they made things right) Powermatic jointer which he had just purchased for $100. It was quality stuff guys and in excellent shape for its age. He also had a brand new 1/2 HP motor which the woman threw in for nothing even though the jointer already had an older, but perfectly fine motor. Well I just automatically shouted "YOU SUCK!" which drew a shocked and questioning look from him. He got a laugh out of my explaining that that is our tradition here when anyone makes a steal on something. *LOL*

    Hope this website will be of use to those of you who might not already know of it.

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    See also Keith Rucker.