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    Originally posted by RichR View Post
    Why is that? Does converting my final fractions into decimals provide an incorrect answer? Or do you disapprove of my indulging
    in some fractional masturbation?
    I'm curious too. Paul, are fractions just a problem for you, or do you have an example where that method doesn't work? All the combinations I tried match the tap/drill chart pretty close.

    Originally posted by John Stevenson View Post
    NONE of my machines have fractional dials on them.
    I for one are real glad we left all this behind when we adopted metric.
    What does a dial on your machine have to do with a tap drill size? None of my machines are fractional either, and they aren't metric.


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      Originally posted by Mcgyver View Post
      yup, one of its many redeeming features
      There, fixed it for ya. The only problem I have with metric here in Canada is that we didn't go all the way in the 70s. In
      order to "fit in" with the States we only adopted parts and now we're stuck with this bastardized mess we have today
      that mixes metric and imperial. The only light on the horizon is that my grandchildren are being taught only metric so in
      another generation or so we'll finally be able to clean up this mess...

      Originally posted by Forrest Addy View Post
      ...wehich lead to my writing a computer program in Fortran (THAT long ago)...
      I took computer programming in tech school in 1966 and 1967. I used to love programming in Fortran. Haven't had anything
      to do with it in many years so I don't know how it has stood the test of time but back in those days it seemed so logical and
      simple to use. We ran it on an IBM 1620 and the data and program could only be input with punch cards. I'll always
      remember that I had far more problems getting the program onto the cards than I actually did in writing it...
      Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...