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OT: Tip On Cleaning Truck Window

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  • OT: Tip On Cleaning Truck Window

    I have a GM Sierra pick-up with a cap on the bed. Great for carrying things. But not so good for keeping the rear window of the cab and front window of the cap clean. Over some years I slowly watched them get dirtier and dirtier. Car washes did not have a way to clean them. Neither do auto parts stores; everything they had was too thick to fit between these two windows.

    A few days ago I was walking around the local Wal-Mart trying to find something when I saw the Swiffer brand floor mop. It is very slim and it looked like it might fit. Best of all, I already had one hanging in my laundry room. When I got home I broke it out and, sure enough, it just fit. I was able to get these windows sparkling clean. It took both sides of a pad and that pad was filthy after cleaning just them.

    What a joy being able to see in my rear view window again. I though it would be good to pass this on. I don't know about any other brands. I have no affiliation with Swiffer or whoever makes that brand.

    Since I had the mop and the hose out, I also used the Swiffer mop to clean the tree junk off my wife's car. It worked great for that also.
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    Make it fit.
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    Using a power spray machine does a reasonably good job for me.


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      Someone used to make a long spongy snake that fit between the cab and camper shell. When installed around the perimeter of the window(s), it kept the area between the cab and shell clean. I'm not sure if they're still made but you might check camper dealers.

      Before you pat yourself on the back for an invention, another variant of the snake was a bicycle inner tube inflated between the windows. The tube was covered with material so it didn't look like an inner tube except for the valve.
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        I have two trucks with caps, and never cleaned the back window since 2003. The only thing I use the inside mirror for is to see if a vehicle is close behind me, otherwise it's the side mirrors.


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          Nice bit of improvisation with the Swiffer! Now that I'm out of motorcycle racing the canopy on the back of the Ranger will likely spend a lot more time on the truck than off it. I may just need your Swiffer idea before long.

          Those of us with motorcycles know all too well the need to be creative when it comes to cleaning our babies. I don't have a spot where the Swiffer would work but I've got a 5 gallon bucket full of various kitchen, bathroom and general cleaning brushes that all see use during a day of cleaning the bikes.


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            When I used to motocross the wheels had high shoulder for strength (mid-late '70s) we used Pam to keep the mud from sticking, worked pretty well.
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              I wrapped foam rubber around the blade and added a long handle to one of these shower squeegees. Works like a champ.

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