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Anyone Know of Mechanical or Electric Surplus Places in Houston Area?

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  • Anyone Know of Mechanical or Electric Surplus Places in Houston Area?

    As you can see from my posted location I am in a medium sized town. We have heavy industry if it is oil or shipping related, but not so many of the smaller sized surplus type places. The closest big city is Houston, which is about 1-2 hours away, depending on where in Houston you are going. It is a big city and traffic is a bitch.

    If I am going to go there, I want a definite destination. Searching the city's area is almost impossible: a week would not be enough. So I am asking if anyone knows of any Mechanical/Electric/Electronic surplus (junk) places in the Houston area.
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    I would be interested as well. The only thing I've found so far that comes close is Mike's Antiques in Kemah. I've never been, but I've seen pictures of the inside of his store and while most of it is furniture, there are some interesting machines (slot machines, for example) and unidentified electronics. But calling them "antiques" instead of "surplus" will surly be reflected in the prices.

    Best of luck. Let me know if you find something interesting.
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      A very active home shop type machining clubs in Houston. Someone there can answer your request, in spades.
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